2006, Day 2. After recovering from New Years festivities, yesterday turned out to be a nice day. We just sat in the living room all day long. Didn’t put a single kilometre on the car. That’s a monumentous occasion. I fixed a couple of nagging bugs yesterday evening and got to play with Tony’s new laptop. Very nice machine. It’s one of the new Sony Vaios with a goregeous wide screen. I think I’m going to request one for 2006/7 budget year. You can see where they’ve fixed their mistakes too. The screen isn’t held on the same way anymore, they have a much more rugged-looking bracket and they’ve made the laptop even slimmer. Plus the 15.4″ wide screen is pretty sweet.

     I’ve been arguing in my mind about how to set up some asterisk stuff and I’ve come up with some pretty good ideas for ways to automate a lot of the processes. It will be a pretty cool setup once I finally get some development time to get it done.

Author: Ian

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