For the last few days Cricket has been acting funny. She threw up a lot of hair the other day and we just noticed her tail seems to be a lot more bare, so perhaps she’s full of hair. She’s been doing lots of swallowing. This morning we awoke to sloppy diarrhea on her bed and the floor and there was blood in it. Unfortunately the vet’s at a conference today so we’ll have to wait until she gets back this evening. She said that if the dog’s happy it should be okay to wait. We’re coming up with all kinds of theories, like she’s eaten some burrs out of her tail and now they’re scraping up her insides. Either way we’re kinda worried about our pup.

     I’ve been struggling for a long time now with my desktop computer because though it’s a nice machine with 8 USB ports on it (4 permanent, two additional in the rear and two on the case in the front). They’ve never worked as high-speed devices. I wouldn’t care because I don’t use it that often, but you know when something bugs you and you just have to fix it. So I’m working on this guys’ machine here and I wanted to take his hard drive and back it up using one of my IDE to USB2 things that I used to use a lot. So I tried some drivers with no help, then I finally found it. It’s a frickin’ BIOS setting, USB was enabled, but USB2 was disabled. Enable it and bam, I’m flying again. Also, I think this guy’s hard drive might be fine too.

Author: Ian

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