Gmail + Google Talk     I kinda knew this was coming. Google Talk is migrating into Gmail. When you have a conversation it’s logged (if you enable the setting) in the Chats section and everything you talked about will be searchable. This is great for all of those times when I know someone sent me a URL to something or a slice of code but I can’t remember what it was. I was also thinking that since Google is now federationable, you could techinically set up your own Jabber server, build a web interface on your site so that users can talk to you via your Jabber (you only need to use class.jabber.php to interface with it) and then log all of the conversations in your Gmail, voila, instant chat from your web site and logging, and you can then search your logs, forward them to users, whatever. Very cool.

Gmail + Google Talk     The reason I kinda knew it was coming is that most companies release their software on every platform. Google Talk didn’t. They were like, here’s your windows application and here’s how to configure the rest of the Jabber clients out there to connect. My guess is, they wanted to build some support early with this and now they’re making it so you can chat in Gmail, what do you need software for? Nothing. Just another step into their new venture, an operating system via your web browser. Damn I wish I had more than one share in Google.

Author: Ian

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