Seriously, who dials numbers in the wrong area code these days? Nearly everywhere you call, you have to dial at least ten digits anywhere in Ontario, never mind those long distance calls where it’s mandatory to dial at least eleven. That’s why I wonder how come I get about 20-30 wrong numbers per month on my 416-848 exchange numbers which have 905 counterparts. Are you just guessing at the numbers you’re dialing or what? Seriously. I think I’m going to start receiving these calls under false pretenses. Trillium Health Centre? I’ll create a menu for the Trillium Heathcliff Centre, the centre for people who want to learn more about that orange cat which has always been a Garfield rip-off in my mind. Imperial Fine Furniture? I’ll set up a nice auto-attendant with 5000 menus each with at least 30 options and if you can navigate through the chesterfields and ottomen, I’ll transfer your call to the number you were dialing without the area code.

     I think it speaks volumes of those people who are too lazy or ignorant to read someone’s brochure or business card entirely. Next time I get a call for the THC, I’m going to answer; “THC, how may I direct your call?”… “Oh, I’m sorry mister Johnsons’ no longer with us”. And next time I get I call for IFF; “IFF how help you?”… “No, I’m sorry you’re an idiot and there was a new law passed that clearly states that idiots who can’t dial numbers in the correct area code must live on the floor!”.

Author: Ian

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