I felt the urge, so I checked the Bell Business on the Go site for the 7250. Sure enough the Voyageur software has been updated to include the Blackberry 7250 which has become close to our hearts. I couldn’t get it to connect to Bell’s network though, so I dunno what’s up with that.

     I talked to some sales people last week and the stores have to upgrade your PRL Version. You can check what yours is by calling #HELP* Unfortunately the certain Bell World stores that are getting the upgrade, don’t have it yet. So, I’m on the calling list. If I don’t get a call by next week, I’ll have to call them.

     Brianne’s first day at the new job today. I’m pretty happy about it. It means I get in to work before everyone else and I can get something done before people start to break their computers and need me to fix it.

Author: Ian

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