Extremely productive weekend this weekend. On Saturday we pulled down the shed in Tom’s backyard. It went quite well. Swinging the sledge around all day is quite the workout. My arms still ache a little bit today. I’ll post the video later. I don’t know many people who have more than one video of a shed being pulled down by a vechicle.

     Yesterday I finally proof-read our taxes and then paper-clipped them up so that we can send them off and get our refund. I would have had everything done already except that we were missing a T5 and we can’t file online this year because we’re changing our address and adding direct deposit information. It’s pretty ridiculous that you can’t do that all online or over the phone. Just because it’s printed out doesn’t make it any more official.

     Then in the afternoon, I fiddled with our shower. I figured out what was happening that made us have powerless showers. The spout with shower diverter is supposed to be one peice, but the plastic part inside ours had become seperate from the metal part which looks shiny. I think it’s a Moen too, so maybe you don’t buy those for life. Anyway, $25 later we have a diverter which works and now the shower is amazing. It’s like standing in a wall of water. I think I’m going to start hanging out in there until the novelty wears off.

Author: Ian

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