I finally got my blackberry 7250 upgraded to evdo on Bell’s network. It’s fast, cool and I’m teathered to my laptop right now which brings out the serious convenience of this whole thing. Next step, find one of those Asus routers which run OpenWRT and have USB ports so that I can connect my laptop to the car via WiFi and then connect to the EVDO network via the blackberry. The ping times are low enough that I may even be able to use it for voip phone calls, that’s probably hoping for too much.

     Gotta hit the gym, then drive around a bit more to see what the coverage is actually like in my day-to-day.

     Upgrade Instructions… I went to Square One where they were extremely helpful. I was the first BB upgrade too. Bell World at Heartland proved useless and I still haven’t got my call from those other wait lists I put myself on, we’ll see if those ever show up.

Author: Ian

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