Well isn’t that just highly offensive? I just got some spam with the subject: “From now on Honey, we’ll be spelling everything with letters.” which, for those who aren’t Simpsons fanatics, is what Homer says when they drive by a house whose numbers are written out. Well, it’s not quite the quote, but it’s pretty close. I think we need a new spam solution. Like an email license or something, and it should be able to be revoked if you don’t follow the guidelines.

     It’s a hot one today, car says 35 degrees. What’s the best thing to do on the hottest day of the year so far? Move? No… have a TTC strike so that you have to walk to work and get all sweaty. Yay TTC. Fortunately for us we only needed the TTC last week. Brianne went to visit Ailise and we went downtown on Saturday to celebrate Brianne’s birthday. Here’s pictures…

Adriana & BrianneKeep Arm InWatch Where You Point That!Ambulance Followed Us
Brianne in the ShadesBeth in the shadesRichard in the ShadesStu in the shades
6 eyesEricTonyCharlotte
Vlaadwho?Dancers at the PhoenixCrazy Dude at the Phoenix

Author: Ian

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