So yesterday, I was going to meet up with Tom and on the way there, the traffic was crap. Not because of the lightning or impending storm, because of a stalled tractor-trailer in an on-ramp lane at the 410 on the 401. Totally un-necessary slowdown. Anyway, the lightning provided quite the show and as I was nearing Mavis, a big bolt hit really close. Then when I got up to McLaughlin Rd. I saw that there was a hole about 30 centimetres in diameter and it was smouldering…

Lightning makes fireLightning makes fire
Lightning makes fireLightning makes fire

     The pictures aren’t great, but you get the idea. When I finally got to Mississauga, we had to leave because the lightning had driven up the static and given some of his equipment a seizure, so he had to go to fix it.

Tom At Work

Author: Ian

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