So, what’s up with you? Me, I’m damn busy. I’ve been filling every extra second with Data Matters work. It’s a fantastic project, it’s really got me excited to build something that will provide results and quickly. We’ve already got some very interested partners and our test customers have been ironing out bugs and keeping their data secure and retrievable in the event of data disaster.

     I ordered a new laptop this week, mine’s becoming tempermental and not working very well or for very long while unplugged. I ordered a Dell XPS 1710. Looks pretty sexy and it’s got the fastest mobile processor Dell is selling right now. It’s billed as a gaming machine, but other than the video needs of gamers, the processing power is what developers and gamers both need. I was most impressed that it has a DVI (digital video interface) and RGB video connection. I can’t wait to get it and hook it up to two monitors and have them on either side of the high-res 17″ LCD on the laptop. Screen real estate is very important to me. I love having a monitoring montior, a central developing monitor, a monitor for web/email, and a monitor for the output of what I’m developing. But three will do.

Author: Ian

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