So I’ve got this Dell M1710 and it’s got those fancy Dell media keys on the front. Hugely awesome because they let you change tracks while you’re in other applications, just keep everything the same and press the buttons. The only problem is that they don’t work with iTunes by default… I’m guessing it’s a “we hate your media player” thing from Apple. So the creation of the Multi-Plugin for iTunes was necessary. Just download, install and then change the Edit, Preferences, Multi-Plugin, Compatibility, Fix Media Keys setting to Mode 2 and you’re go. Works with the media centre remote that way too.

     Plus, now that it works with the new iTunes 7, you can play with all of the useless features, like the ability to flip through the album art of your music. It does automatically download cover art now though, which is a much-needed and missing feature.

     Damn I’m talkative today, don’t forget to read this article I wrote this morning if you’re looking for a way to send email with PHP…

Author: Ian

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