The infocentre is closed!? I drove out to the gym at lunch and on my way down the 401 just before Winston Churchill the service centre signs have had all of the logos ripped off and there’s a CLOSED through the middle of the sign. FERMÉ en français. Whoa! I just found out you can leave number lock on on this laptop and still type. You have to press Fn for the number keys to work. Nice job Dell! Now, if only my 5 key would work reliably.

     Anyway, back to the news… The info centre is now closed. No more hockey at 2am in the gas station, though that hasn’t happened in years, but still. On my way out there, they were taking down the signage (<– Brianne’s favorite word) and on my way back it was all gone. No “Wendy’s” or “Tim’s” anymore. I wonder if there’s anything about this online anywhere… – Hortons spinoff goes ahead

Local Wendy’s remains open

Wendy’s restaurants abruptly close doors

     Well then, those stories are interesting, but really have nothing to do with the info centre. Maybe I should buy some Tim Hortons stock… Wait, you need money to buy stock. I guess I won’t then.

Author: Ian

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