Well, I got Fedora Core 6 all downloaded yesterday. The torrent was pretty slow and I ended up using ftp.telus.net and less.cogeco.net to get the ISO images. Today I did an upgrade of my laptop which was running an up to date FC5 install. So far so awesome. One big thing that I like is that they no longer have seperate kernels for SMP and non-SMP machines for i386 hardware. Why’s that good for me? I can take a FC6 installation of whatever, pick up it’s hard disk and throw it in any other system and it won’t require kernel module changes. I suppose you could always go from plain kernel to a system with smp and not use it, but you couldn’t go the other way around, it got all screwy. yum still isn’t connecting to fedora for it’s updates due to the massive amount of geeks updating to FC6 one would suppose.

     Went to see The Prestige with Jayme, Sean and a friend of theirs from the lab at school Alma last night. Very awesome movie. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about it so I had no clue what it was about. As Jayme said on the way home; “It was nice to finally see a new plot line in a movie”. It kept you guessing the entire way through it. On the way home, I had driven past Alma’s place so I backed up down the road since no one was on the road and it was 0:40 in the morning. Just as I got going a cop turned around the corner and so I signalled and then backed into a driveway. Then waited for him to pass, but he was waiting for me. So, I signalled the other way, drove back to the corner by Alma’s and she got out. The cop was sitting behind me and then I rolled down my window and waved for him to come up. He drove up and said “You’re going the wrong way”. So I explained that I was dropping a friend off and that we just passed her place. The cop said; “Fair enough.” and drove away. I’ve heard a lot of stories of Guelph cops being power-trippy so I was worried that he was going to book me for something or giv e me a hard time, but this guy was really nice. I like nice surprises.

     Oh, by the way, in the movie, David Bowie sounds scarily like Pierce Brosnan and is totally unrecognizable.

Author: Ian

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