I’m too busy these days so I just installed Firefox 2. They’ve done a nice job of updating the software. I personally don’t care about the close button on each tab now but, that’s one complaint I got from someone who I subjected to Firefox, they couldn’t figure out how to close a tab. Opening in a new tab instead of a new window by default is also cool and I can’t wait to play around with this session thing. I was using the Google one on my desktop because my power is constantly tripped with my dead UPS which I’m using as a sugre protector, but I found it bothered me because I use too many expendable windows. The Google Suggest-like feature of the search is awesome, I think I’ll stop automatically starting up that tab now when I open up my browser. Read the release notes.

     I updated the Data Matters web site on Monday night and last night I fixed up the software a bit. Like when a slow machine is calculating a hash on a large file, the connection could disappear due to lack of activity (courtesy of Rogers in my test case) so I added a heartbeat thread to the service so that it keeps you connected. Very sweet.

     On a completely un-technical note, check out halton.ca/SaveTheTree and donate a buck or two to save a 250 year old oak tree from becoming part of a road.

Author: Ian

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