Error, ../../images/kramer.jpg not found     The media is all buzzing about Michael Richards and his racist ranting. Watch the video (due to the offencive nature of the clip, you’ll need a YouTube account)

     I think racism and religion have become the last real taboos. If he had attacked their sexuality like most comedians do to hecklers, no one would have said anything. I think the last show I was at a young woman who wouldn’t shut her pie whole was called something along the lines of an “irritating twat” and no one booed and left the room because of that. Most people were just shocked and so was the young woman who proceeded to shut up and let the comedian perform.

     That is one thing that I’ve learned over the years, if you’re going to a comedy show; speak only when spoken to, and even then you may be the target of a few jokes. If you speak out of turn, the jokes turn ugly. In Michael Richards’ case, I think he was a little too stressed that night and went down the wrong path with his attack.

     I’m not sure if any studios would touch him now. Like one of the YouTube comments says, “I hope he has enough money to retire.”

Author: Ian

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