Nerdly Notes and the Beginning of a Pool Addiction

     You know, some ideas are good and some are just a waste of time. Nerd Vittles posted an article about how to configure your Mac to play iTunes tracks and then have them controlled by a menu on your Asterisk box. Good idea, right? I’m not so sure it’s all that convenient. If I want to change tracks, I don’t find it all that convenient to use asterisk to do it via a voice menu. I would say that an interactive menu on the Cisco display would be far quicker and easier to navigate. Alternatively, I would think that getting a bunch of infra-red receivers strategically located around the house, wired back to LIRC on a mac would be way more convenient. Still, nothing compares to the Dell Media Keys. That was a huge influence to me while selecting a new laptop. I can be typing away, without having to change applications, I stretch my thumb down and press the function I want, without any loading or waiting.

     Anyway, excellent weekend. Friday night, went to the IASL Christmas party. We went to the Crooked Cue in Etobicoke. Really classy place, excellent pool tables, food and environment. Then Saturday was the annual Chanady Financial Christmas open house where the food is always fantastic. They spare no expense when it comes to the fine beverages too. Lots of holiday cheer. Then to recover, Tom and I climbed some ladders and put some lights up on his place. We’re nowhere close to the Lindsay family’s light show but we aspire to their level of excellence.

Author: Ian

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