Today is shaping up to be quite the day. Originally Brianne was working so I thought I’d just spend the day at home but then I talked to Tony and he invited me over so I went over to his place for a nice lunch, a couple rounds of pool and then we (he) played some guitar. Then I talked to Tom and he was going to replace a router so I said I’d come by and see what’s up with that and then I came to the office and then I broke this system is on his desk. It had busted like three times already this week and been replaced by Dell each time. So for the last two hours we’ve been on hold with the turds at Dell who are completely useless. And now, they’ve got to be called again to replace the system. So friggin’ useless. Fortunately tonight sounds like it’s going to be fun. Brianne’s staying over at Adrienne’s and we’re going to cook some good food, play some pool then we’s a goin’ to Failte.

Author: Ian

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