Drop Your Weapon! It’s too cold!

     This cold snap sucks. Word from the weather gurus is that it’s going to last for at least another seven days. I think my new location at the office could have contributed to this cold that I have that just won’t go away. I’m around the corner from the office so I have to go outside and then back in again to interact with co-workers, get coffee and mail and etc… I’m making a conscious effort to get more sleep this week, so hopefully that will pay off and I can be operating without this crutch before the weekend. I think it was last year that we had about the same amount of cold and it only lasted for a couple of weeks then it was all back to normal again. I can deal with that, too much cold isn’t pleasant, but lots of snow is.

     On a completely unrelated topic; have you been watching 24? This is the first season which I’ve been watching as it happens. I watched seasons 2 through 5 over the summer and fall to catch up for this one and I was way too excited for this. I think the season started off okay, but now it’s been two weeks in a row with very little action and far too much drama with Jack’s family. I’m hoping that it has a point to the plot and that a whole lot more action happens in the next few episodes.

     And yet another completely unrelated topic; one of my customers ordered an IP camera so I’ve been playing with it so that I know all of the ins and outs with it, and so far I’m quite impressed. The camera’s made by a company called 4XEM and they have quite the wide variety of affordable IP cameras. They’re fairly plug and play too, they come with the software to run up to 16 cameras into one system and record all of their footage. Motion detection, frame rates and they even have audio. Pretty funky stuff.

Author: Ian

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