Firkin’s ass isn’t as smart as I thought

     I was going to write a whole thing about how smart Firkin’s feet are because I left my laptop open and went out and when I got back and turned it on, my password wouldn’t work. Usually I just get back and have to press Ctrl-Z until Firkin’s changes to my programs are fixed, but this time he pressed the power button which hibernated the machine. Since I thought the bastard had changed my password I could have just booted to safe mode and changed mine, but Brianne made a good point and we thought it would be cool to check to see what his ass managed to set my password to. After getting rid of all of the bogus “buy our stupid shit” software matches, I found the Ophcrack live CD. This magical little ISO is actually quite fantastic. Just pop it in your drive if you’ve lost your Windows password and it only takes a short amount of time (700 seconds in my case to break out 5 passwords) and you’ll have your missing password. I’ll have to put that little tool on my portable USB drive for just such an occasion on someone else’s system. I’ll likely never have to ask a customer for their password again. Now that’s a tool I can use.

Author: Ian

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