Four Days of the Week

     You know, you people are obsessed. Friday is just another day of the week. It’s just like the hype over Christmas or New Years. Sure, you’re going to get silly, but it’s just another day of the week. If it were up to me, everyone would be excited about every day. No exceptions. I guess that’s not a really acceptable want because there are highs and lows and you wouldn’t know what a high was if there wasn’t a low. Days of the week just don’t mean too much to me though. If I’m going to get something done, I’ll just make time to do it, otherwise it won’t ever get done. So if I want to get to the gym, I’ll go at lunch because that’s the best time for me. It may mean I have to spend a little longer at the office, but overall, I’ll feel better because I went. There is one song about the days of the week that I like though…

The Durex Hump Day Anthem

Hump Day oh Hump Day you are what we seek

Right smack dab there in the middle of the week

Single or Married

at the game or Ballet

Durex offers us sex on this glorious… day.

Thursdays are nice and Fridays don’t suck

But Wednesday’s the day on which we should fuck!

Author: Ian

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