Next Year’s Superbowl Might Be Cooler for Rich Canadians

     According to this article on Digital Home’s site the CRTC is putting it’s foot down on HD signal substitutions. During the Superbowl on Sunday Global television substituted some of its HD feed for standard definition feed because it was theirs instead of CBS’. So the poor shmoes who are paying extra for high definition got to watch some ugly standard definition and the CRTC says no more. I think that’s pretty fair. I’ve always wanted to be able to watch the 2.5 million dollar 30 second commercials anyway. Maybe for next year I’ll get an HD subscription and an HD card for my MythTV system. Hardly seems worth it for one day, I need the broadcasters to up their ante when it comes to their shows for me to subscribe. Maybe in a couple of years…

Author: Ian

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