Dell listens… slowly

I was just flipping through the hourly Dell flyer they send me and I noticed something interesting. On page 3, they made a point of saying;

Every VOSTRO comes complete with: No trial software. Customers said they hated trial software, so we took it away. VOSTRO PCs come without annoying trial software. You only get what you choose.

Finally! You know there are actually programs out there to de-Dell your computer like PC De-Crapifier which only exist because this has been such a huge problem for years. Just Google remove dell software and you’ll get 8.7 million matches.

It amazes me that it’s taken them this long to react to that much backlash to the crap, but I guess they must be flushing some serious kickbacks away. Norton and the like will have to flog their wares elsewhere I guess. Personally I’m of the opinion that anything you need to have on a computer you can get for free. For example…

You need virus protection, so you get AVG Free from Grisoft.

You need word processor, spreadsheet, etc.. so you get OpenOffice or use Google Docs & Spreadsheets online.

You need email and a web browser, so pick up Thunderbird and Firefox or use Gmail with Firefox or now you can use Gmail with Thunderbird via IMAP.

You already spent your cash on a fancy PC, view a little advertising and support the open source community for your ware.

Author: Ian

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