US Customs is on Crack

I went down to West Palm Beach to visit Brianne and I obviously set off some alarms. Something about an IT guy going to visit his fiancée just sounds so very unbelievable… IT guys can’t have fiancées, that would be preposterous. Also, the fact that she’s working down there, that’s just far too confusing, we better take him aside and interrogate him because it is highly suspicious. You know, I thought the whole bulking up of the borders is supposed to protect Americans from mean people, I don’t understand why they find me so threatening, if you’ve ever met me, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. So yeah, they hauled me aside, asked me questions in the little room and even tried to call Brianne to make sure she was real. They wanted to know what her boss does and why he does it and blah blah blah. Talk about a rewarding career pissing people off. Anyway, I’m flying right now, the sun above the clouds is a marvellous thing. Watching The Big Lewbowksi on my iPod, great little device, don’t leave home without it.
I wrote this on the plane down here last week but totally forgot to post it when I got here. I think I’m going to ship as many of my belongings back to myself as possible so I don’t have to cross the border with them, less suspicion the better.

Author: Ian

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