Why Jean Machine Sucks

So I went to Jean Machine today and the entire experience left me with a whole lotta rage… This is the subsequent letter that needed to be sent.

Today my fiancee did me a favour by picking up a couple pairs of jeans for me to try on. I only wanted one new pair, but she couldn’t decide and purchased two so once I got home and tried them on and we picked one then tried to return the other only a few hours after they had been purchased, we were told that returns were not permitted. The cashier told us that it was Jean Machine’s policy not to allow returns but that we could exchange for another pair. Having no need for two pairs of hundred dollar jeans, I was quite upset by this news. She offered us a gift card instead which was better than looking for second pair of jeans that I can’t really afford but still infuriating. I can only recall meeting with such a harsh return policy when I’m buying “what you see is what you get” antique computer parts from a small vendor, but even then they always double check with me verbally to confirm that there are no returns on this product. It strikes me that Jean Machine is probably the only large retail chain that I’ve ever shopped at that has given me a hard time with returns, especially when the original form of payment is present to be refunded and I was astonished that the date stamp hadn’t even changed on the generated receipts yet we were still given such a hard time. I could understand if it had been over thirty days like any of the competition or if there was as shadow of a doubt that the jeans had been worn for more than a minute, but I find it truly ridiculous that my money is now being held hostage in Jean Machine’s accounts only to gain interest for the corporation instead of me for a matter of a few hours with no wear of an unwanted product.

On top of all of that the cashier told us that the gift card has a two year expiration date. I’m not sure if your staff has been briefed on this fact, but Ontario has outlawed the expiration of all gift cards.

I do appreciate that companies need to protect themselves from fraudulent activity and that a company’s goal is to turn a profit. However it is quite possible to do both of those things without causing undue stress and aggravation with an honest business practice. If it is Jean Machine’s policy to not allow returns on any product and that all customers consider their money completely nonrefundable once it has passed through your registers you may want to post that in big banners all around the store because that is not the normal method of operation. Managers should be training their staff to verbally confirm that there are no refunds on any product as a simple 8×10 sign mixed in with all of your other eye-catching desktop merchandise is not nearly enough when every other merchant in the same building will be lenient with you and return the product to inventory. We were also told that it’s printed on the receipt, but I guess by following that logic, by the time you’ve read that it’s already too late.

I would truly appreciate it if you would contact me so that we can come to some form of resolution on this matter. The number one rule of retail business is that the customer is always right and I did keep, and am quite happy with the other pair of jeans. I would like to continue to consider Jean Machine as a good place to shop.

Thank you,

– Ian Service

Author: Ian

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