Ow! My Groin!

I'm a runnin'Okay, my groin doesn’t hurt at all, but it’s a great Simpsons quote. My knee is actually the problem. It hurt a little bit yesterday and then today, about halfway through my run this morning it just started to hurt a whole lot. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t run but I could stand quite comfortably. So after moving along, I was able to run back to the car at the Running Room and as I was running back and felt the injury explain itself. My iliotibial band (or IT band as they call it in the running world) on the right leg was rock hard as opposed to the left leg which was tight, but not over-flexed. When the IT band gets tight it pulls your knees out of line and when you run like that, you hurt them. It took one of my friends out of the running for her first marathon and it seems that it’s going to be an issue for me in my recuperation from mine. I guess the next steps are to start massaging it with ice and get an IT band roller, then to start doing more on the bike to flex the inner thigh so that the outer thigh can be a little more balanced in it’s strength. Sucks to be in pain though, I just got used to being able to handle stairs again.

Author: Ian

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