Deer hits runner

Lots of big events this weekend; Tom and Lisa’s wedding went off without a hitch and one of the guys I run with got hit by a flying deer!

So I get back from our lovely room at the Old Mill and while we were hunting and gathering (shopping at Zehrs) I checked my email and Roy sent me the weirdest message. Apparently while they were just getting started running yesterday morning, a deer tried to jump a car but didn’t make it and it and ended up flying into Stuart. Fortunately he was okay but the deer didn’t make it. I had to hear his story so he sent this message to our runners mailing list:

The run had just started, and the group was running up Kortright past Preservation park, and starting up the hill. I was half looking at the ground, keeping an eye on my footing, trying to avoid the ice on the sidewalk and the other runners feet around me. I heard Shannon cry out “Deer”, looked up and saw a large brown object in the air. The next thing I know, I am sitting on the ground and see a doe a few feet away from me struggling to get up. The animal managed to get up and ran across the street into the bushes. Unfortunately the animal did not survive.

Apparently the animal was running across the street, but a car was coming down the road. The animal tried to jump over the car, but got clipped by it, and bounced into the air and headed towards me.

A 911 call was placed, and an ambulance came to check me and the driver of the car out, along with animal control to take care of the deer. Other than a scrape on my shin, smaller than a dime, a slightly twisted ankle, and probably a little bruising, I am feeling fine. I just developed a new excuse to get out of a run, and will probably be the reason for a new clause in the liability waiver for the Running Room.

My New Year’s resolutions should probably include either 1) Avoid flying deer when running, or 2) Improve my catching.


This amazing story is now making it’s way around the odd-ball news story columns…

Guelph Mercury | Cable Pulse 24 |

My only complaint is that they keep calling him a jogger. They say the difference is that running hurts and if you ask me, getting hit by a deer qualifies as pain.

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