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Okay, I’ve got my Fedora 11 workstation up and running properly again and one of things I that bugs me is that I’m so used to using the Windows key (or Super key in the Linux world) to launch applications. In Windows 7 (and Vista) you can simply press the Windows key and then just start typing what you want to open which allows you to very quickly open programs and documents/files, whatever. So I basically needed an application that launches stuff, they call them launchers. And since I use Gnome as my window manager, Gnome Do fit the bill quite nicely. I installed do and then it’s command to run is Super key and space. The problem with that is I just want the super key to bring it up. I tried to map it to just the super key within the application but that didn’t work. Then I figured it out, if you use the operating system option (Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts) and add a custom one to launch Do, you can assign that just the Super key. Now my Linux world works like my Windows world and with a single key press and typing “f” and pressing enter, I have Firefox running. It’s quick and there’s and no mouse clicks required.

Author: Ian

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