The Sky is Falling!

I had a couple errands to run today, hopped in the car, put down all the windows and opened the sun roof to let the heat out of the car. Since there’s construction on the bridge that I have to drive under, I decided to quickly close the sunroof. Good thing I did too because as I drove through, the workers dislodged a pretty decent chunk of concrete from the bridge overhead and it fell on the bar between my windshield and the passenger window and hit the side view mirror casing. It then fell into the car and seemed to have scuffed the seat a bit. It wasn’t until after I was investigating the damage with my camera that I saw the fist sized imprint on the passenger head rest that the chunk of concrete made. Good thing I didn’t have any passengers on board.

Needless to say, I’ll be driving with my windows closed through that construction from now on.

Scratches in body and chrome

Dents on top of passenger mirror

Passenger head rest

Scuffed seat


Author: Ian

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