You there! What are you doing? Stop it and do this instead…

It’s time to flex your technical prowess and use some of that time at work for something other than Facebook…

A few friends of mine have started the DIYode Makers Club whose goal is to set up a workshop where people can go and create something real in Guelph. They’re in the process of getting space at 71 Wyndham St and this opportunity to raise some money with Pepsi has come up but they need people like you to vote for their project, and you can vote every day.

Their goal is to create a community workshop to inspire people to make, share and play and they’ll be running workshop events to teach new skills to community members. They did a very successful rocket workshop where kids built paper rockets and then they launched them into the air and did a more technical workshop using Arduino boards which give a relatively easy introduction to programming electronics.

Please take a moment to go to and then click the button to vote. You’ll be prompted to create an account with the site and then just go back to that first page again to vote. Repeat that every day until October 31st.

Thanks for your help in promoting this project.

Author: Ian

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