How to type using words

I’m getting pretty tired of your “txt” short forms for words.  Everyone has a text messaging plan who wants to receive text messages and almost everyone now has a smart phone with a full keyboard.  You can also be more creative when tweeting to get full words into your tweets and text messages instead of using short words.  So, here’s a helpful chart to help curb you from using those short forms.

2 This is not an acceptable replacement for the words too or to. It’s fine for the number two.
r Why not use the word: are? You are annoying.
u You should use the word: you, instead of u. You are still annoying.
ur I’m pretty sure the kids mean: your or you’re but they have a hard enough time telling those apart when written correctly, here’s a tip:
You’re a great person. = You are a great person.
Your a moron! ≠ You are a moron.
4 Like 2, this is also a number. This is not to replace the word for.
b4 Before text messaging my brain was happy.

In all seriousness, if you don’t want to look like a 14 year old girl when you’re sending someone a message, use real words instead of goofy short forms.

Author: Ian

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