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2010-09-05 - Night LifeIn 2010, I did a 365 project where you take a photo per day.  It sounds pretty simple but it’s quite involved.  The results were pretty great, even if the end of the year turned into daily shots of the kid.

I’m a pretty busy guy, but I’d like to get back to shooting more often again, I find it an excellent way to do something creative.  The 365 is too much though so I think I’m going to undertake two projects at once that are both a little easier to schedule. I found that too often I would have to rush to figure out a decent shot for the day and I wasn’t always happy with them.

The first project is essentially the same as the 365, but less often, I’m going to shoot a quality photo per week.  I’m sure some weeks will be void of anything interesting to shoot and others will be next to impossible to select the best photo, but that’s the plan.  Ideally this will bring out 52 awesome shots.

The second project is what I’m going to call The People Project. I’m going to do a shot per week of a person, perhaps with a write-up on what you do and why you’re included in The People Project.  Basically, I want great shots of individual people, something that at the very least you would want to use as your profile photo for all of your social media excursions.

So if you want to be part of The People Project in 2012 let me know and I’ll start forming a schedule. Depending on how things go maybe it’ll become two people per week, but the self-imposed rule is one shot per week.

Author: Ian

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