Toronto Councillors Discuss DVP/Gardiner Toll

According to an article on CP24’s site Toronto councilors are discussing adding a toll to the DVP and Gardiner highways for non-Torontonians.

Usually I don’t care what these nutters are talking about (unless they’re gabbing about taking marathons out of the streets) but this one really burns my kittens.

First of all the DVP and Gardiner are constant sources of congestion.  You can charge for a service that’s horrible.  We have a successful toll highway in Ontario, the 407 Express Toll Route is fantastic, well maintained and new lanes are added in congested areas to increase traffic flow.  So to even consider this as an option, you need to give us more lanes and a dedicated crew that will clear accidents off the road quickly to keep the flow moving.

The proposed toll is only for people who aren’t from Toronto, this is a huge problem for me.  These are the people who are coming to your city to spend money on entertainment, do business and at the very least spend money by placing their cars in your city’s parking lots.  All of this generates income for the city already, however indirectly.  If something like this were to pass I would easily re-work all of my meetings to be outside of the city so as not to incur extra costs for a city that obviously is just pinching non-existent pennies.

Author: Ian

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