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Like most blogs, this one is neglected. Life is always in the way of writing about life.

Decided to resurrect the old blog and bring it’s content over to WordPress so it’s easier to update and might actually get updated more often.

8 Months!Uncle Paul's Retirement Party`

So here’s the latest! Aphra’s 8 months old and adorable! Dash is 2 years 10months and his attitude is growing as quickly as he is. She’s standing up and starting to “cruise” around the living room and his observation skills are amazing. For example, I took a different backpack to work one day and I had taken it cycling before so when I got home, the first thing he asked was how my ride was, since I had taken that backpack. It’s also hard to trick him for that reason too.

Brianne’s riding whenever she can and I’m running whenever I can so we’re definitely keeping busy while staying sane with our outdoor life.

Credible Goat SquareIn the business world I’ve been incredibly busy rolling out new features and bringing new associations into our association management software. The VoIP business is constantly expanding and Tom and I have started a new branch of Data Matters which we’ve dubbed Credible Goat. We’ve built a comprehensive cluster of servers and are offering virtual servers and private networks to businesses. It’s going extremely well and giving me some new programming challenges to work with the API that runs our systems.

Life is good.

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