The Lamb’s Head Song

One ear worm I will never be able to escape is Jason Barr‘s Lamb’s Head song that he made way back in the day while on the Humble and Fred Show on 102.1 The Edge.

The chorus goes a little something like this: “It was a lamb’s head, split in half, right beside the liver of a calf. It was a lamb’s head, halved in two, oh my god, I think that I love you.”

I asked Jason about it a couple years ago but he didn’t know where it was. I just texted Humble Howard as his digital filing seems to be pretty solid maybe he’s got a lamb’s head to relieve me of the ear worm.

Although I’m also told by Alan Cross and Michael Hainsworth of the Geeks and Beats Podcast that doing a puzzle I can solve should cure any ear worms.

Update! Humble Howard is the man!  You can now have this stuck in your head for 10 years too!

Author: Ian

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