Humble and Fred Server Trouble

I put my nose where it didn’t belong today and I’m sorry about it. When I tried to download my daily podcast to see what’s new with Humble and Fred it didn’t work. I ate my lunch in silence after firing off a text to Humble and he got back to me shortly. I offered to help out and we figured I should talk to their hosting company but they had no reason to trust me or accept any assistance I may be offering. Definitely didn’t mean to ruffle the feathers I ruffled. I of all people know how annoying it can be when people offer to help when you’re already in crisis mode. You don’t know if they’re qualified and with a server it can be one miss-move and everything’s off the rails.

Anyway, after about an hour the podcast finally downloaded it so I’m posting it here for anyone else who is looking to listen to the April 25th episode of the Humble and Fred show…


Author: Ian

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