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With the Apple watch looming, I’ve been looking at the Android watches and I think for myself the biggest interest is replacing my Garmin GPS watch with something smaller that I can use day to day for something other than simply running. The big thing is that I want my next watch to do everything my Garmin does as well as everything the smart watches are doing. Most of the watches available today do not have built-in GPS so if you’re expecting to run out the door and have tracking, you’ll need to bring your phone as well, which for me is not an option. My phones are too big and beautiful to come on a sweaty/rainy/cold run.

Until recently though it wasn’t an option for the Android Wear watches to have GPS of their own, but as of last month they do and soon we’ll be able to pre-order the first watch which takes advantage of the built-in GPS, the Sony SmartWatch 3. Can’t wait to read some reviews, but this is definitely the most interesting addition and would easily kick me into a smart watch.

Santa? Are you listening?

Author: Ian

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