Driving; You’re doing it wrong

On the way home yesterday I watched what was possibly the most stupid and preventable accident ever take place.

There was much more traffic than usual at the red light at the corner, there’s a gas station on the right and typically you don’t have to wait for the light to turn right, there’s normally only a car or two in the right lane and you can get by and turn right.

I arrived a the light and waited patiently to turn right. The person behind me on the other hand decided that the line for the light was too long, or they needed gas and decided to back up about 200 metres.

While they were backing up, which is already the stupidest decision ever, there was a nice black BMW turning right out of the gas station. This person is also up for a stupidity award as anyone turning right should probably look to the right before making their turn. He obviously did not as, instead of looking right to see the car coming at him, he proceeded to make his right turn into the car that was backing up.

I watched the whole ordeal in my rear-view mirror and I’m still not sure who the bigger idiot was. Probably the guy going backwards, but as a runner who is often very nearly run down by people turning right while looking left, I really don’t like the guy in the BMW. So hopefully this experience has taught both of these people that what they were doing is really stupid. Unfortunately, I’m guessing they both think that the other was in the wrong and no one has learned anything.

Author: Ian

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