I’ve been a SiriusXM subscriber for over 4 years now, I have a radio in both vehicles and I pay an extra $5/month for the Internet subscription so I can listen to the app or online if the mood strikes. That’s why my latest conversation with a SiriusXM customer service representative completely baffles me.

Yesterday the trial subscription on my new vehicle was due to expire, so I called SirisXM and was promptly greeted and told that since it was currently in a subscription they couldn’t do anything for me. I simply want to switch from my old car to my new car, he had no problem with that and said it would happen automatically. At 8am today however, the subscription updated and my radio is sitting unsubscribed.

After spending over 10 minutes on hold waiting to speak to an agent this afternoon on the way home, (which has the worst on-hold reptetive message/musak loop ever) and identifying myself and explaining what I wanted to do he told me that there would be a $40 change fee to my package. I definitely lost my mind on that one. It should not cost $40 for me to change a subscription, it’s a number in a database, it takes seconds to update the record, AND they aren’t losing a customer, so why penalize people that want to continue to subscribe? The customer service rep went on about reading the fine print and it’s all in the agreement, doesn’t matter, that’s insane. You could easily automate a change on the web so that I could do this myself for no fee, just like every cellular carrier has done. Cellular companies only charge $10 for a SIM card (if anything) and that’s a physical piece of hardware I had to buy. It’s not like I just bought a new radio from them to cover any possible cost of changes or upgrades OH WAIT, I DID JUST BUY THE CAR WITH THEIR RADIO IN IT! so why, WHY, WHY!? is there a $40 fee to change a subscription from one radio to another?!

Do you need me to write the code to do it for you on your web site? Here…

UPDATE subscribers SET ESN="1234567890" WHERE ESN="78910121314";

Please send me $40 for my labour.

Author: Ian

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