Trump Wins Presidency

For all intents and purposes, this blog is at rest. But it’s worth placing a brief summary of the astonishing announcement that Donald Trump has won the race for president of the United States of America.

It really goes to show you that anything can happen. Anyone who can cut through red tape for their entire life can cut through the red tape that stands in the way of them becoming president. Also, this is pretty frightening because at the very least, he’s the spokesperson for the nation, regardless of actual, real, power. And having a guy who’s a complete tool from all respects, be your spokesperson isn’t a good thing. Look at Toronto through the Ford years.

With all of this, we have entered a golden age for satirical comedy and the music that will no doubt come out of this will also be tremendous (look to Muse or Green Day during the G.W.Bush years for example).

Author: Ian

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